Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nothing too exciting

I don't think I've slept in after 12:00 pm for a long, long time. I work up today after one. Jeesh. I wasn't even up that late!

Days like this are when I wish I was back in school. I really feel like I should be doing homework or something. I haven't heard about grad school yet but hopefully I'll be getting some good news soon. Otherwise I may have to start just writing actual book reports for my own enjoyment. Of course, if I do get in I'm sure I'll be posting about how I want to do anything other than homework.

I'm all a fluster because a boy said I was pretty. :) Just nice to hear every now and then! Especially since yesterday I had the brilliant idea to cut my own bangs. Now, I have a serious love-hate relationship with my bangs. They grow too fast and always get in my eyes and sometimes get in other people's faces in photos. Anyway, they were out of control and instead of going to a pro and paying like what $5 to get my bangs trimmed, I grabbed some scissors and took action. Acutally I stood in front of the mirror for like ten minutes saying "this is a bad idead, this is a bad idea" over and over again. We all know how well I listen to myself. I was doing fine for about the first five seconds and then BAM! Attack of the kindergarden bangs. Oy. Bobbypins and headbands are going to be my friends for the next few weeks.