Monday, June 22, 2009

The Proposal

I don't know what you did on Father's Day but I went and saw a chick flick with my mom. Ryan Reynolds as Andrew and Sandra Bullock as Margaret in the Proposal, to be exact.
The opening was a little too Devil Wears Prada for me, what with everyone whipping into a work frenzy when Margaret comes around and Andrew simpering on the phone to his family, but instead of a fashion magazine they work in a publishing house which I liked. Margaret learns she is about to be deported back to Canada, away from the job she loves so she tells Andrew that he's going to marry her. And they jet off to Alaska to met his family.
This movie has everything you expect from a romantic comedy. Especially the bickering. My mom and I played the game where she'd whisper to me what she thought would happen and I'd whisper back "I know!" If you are looking for amazing storylines, you should probably look elsewhere. But, if you're looking for a movie that has a sweaty naked Ryan Reynolds then this is the movie for you!
It was cute, predictable, but cute. And holy crap Oscar from the Office has the weirdest part ever. Nails it. Also, Betty White is still pretty impressive. And COACH was in it. I thought that Reynolds and Bullock did have some really great acting moments. Especially when Margaret was opening up little bits of her emotional side. They were also funny together.

I want that house in Alaska. Someone get to work on that. The dog too.
I'd buy this for those girly nights when nothing but a sappy romantic comedy will do.

what was I thinking?

It is roughly 900 degrees here at work.

Our night desk guy called in sick.

There are a ton of high schoolers in the building due to summer camps.

I'm staying here until at least ten, maybe midnight, tonight.

My boss better appriciate this.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the Hangover


I actually wanted to go see Wolverine last weekend but the brothers nixed the idea and we went to go see the Hangover instead.

I had some pretty low expectations for this movie, but was pleasantly surprised. It was really funny. Although I kind of felt like I was watching what's going to happen should my brother Jeff ever plan a bachelor party.

More than anything this movie made me miss Las Vegas. Next time I go I am tearing it up.

Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are great. I love Zach from his stand up and this man-child role was perfect for him. And Ed Helms singing is always a treat. His character isn't too far off from Andy Bernard either. Bradley Cooper had his moments too. Not enough shirtless moments though.

Fun fact: Helms wakes up and realizes that he's missing a tooth and I could totally relate! I didn't loose a tooth but one day I woke up and found that I had chipped my front tooth the night before (on a juice box mom) even though my friend had convinced me that my tooth was fine. I had it fixed but it still feels a little funny.

This movie just looks good. The music was perfect and the shots were great. Go see this if you like laughing without thinking too much.

Words of wisdom from my brother: "I feel wrong going to this movie without being hungover myself. Or at least being a little drunk."

Monday, June 8, 2009

i hate numbers right now

I have to do all this computer entry stuff for this group of kids that moved into the apartments at work and part of that means I have to select their room nubmer from this list. Which wouldn't be such a pain if the list was, you know, in numerical order. It isn't. At all. And we have 8 floors with over thirty apartments on each floor. So now my eyeballs want to bleed. Ugh.

And I'm craving salt like whoa. I want to eat a whole bag of potato chips. mmmmm.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Friday!

Tomorrow I am going to Chicago to go see the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. I am super excited! I'm going with my dad and my littlest brother. :) Don't fret - I plan on taking lots of pics.

We just had a scary meeting at work where my boss told us none of us are getting raises this year. But no lay-offs or anything so I am ok with that I spose.

I've been super tired all week. Usually I'm up until midnight or one but lately I've been hopping in bed at ten. And then I'm still tired all day. I could curl up under my desk right now and take a nap. I even had my coffee today - wtf?

I'm going to try to scam one of my brothers into seeing Wolverine with me this weekend. Maybe my mom. I actually can't believe I haven't seen it yet since my heart belongs to Gambit.

Speaking of my mom, I had to try to explain to her how to put music on her iphone today while I was driving downtown. She said has a hard time with technology. I said that's because she grew up using an abacus.