Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's talk about those eyebrows

I haven't been to that many movies lately. But, my brother came home this weekend and I was craving popcorn like whoa so we hustled over to the theatre to see Star Trek. If you haven't seen it then don't read the rest of this sucker.

So, here's the deal. I'm not a trekkie. I am pretty sure I've never seen an episode of Star Trek in any of its variations. I maybe caught a few minutes at a high school party one (yeah B-town parties know how to rock) but that's about it. So I did not expect to get a whole lot of the inside jokes or have any preconceived notions of the movie. I also only saw one trailer way forever ago.

That being said I was ah-mazed at how much of this movie felt familiar to me. I think that Star Trek is so ingrained into cultural consciousness that it's hard not to be somewhat aware of it. Although I do watch a lot of Futurama which references Star Trek a lot, maybe that's just it. After the movie my brother and I were talking about it and he pointed out that I know a lot more about this Star Trek world than I think. We had a fun time at the movie, thought there were a lot of points where some die-hard fans were laughing or clapping and I was just like uhhh whut? But at the same time I don't think I really missed anything that kept me from enjoying the movie.

I like to see movies a lot. Now I'm all for seeing Oscar-worthy, meaningful, change-my-life movies, but there is just something about summer blockbusters that gets my ass into the theatres. This movie reminded me why I love going to movies, because this movie has so much of what I love to see in movies. Space, romance, time-travel, bar fights, back stories, witty banter, and eyebrows. I loved this movie.

Now sciencey people are harping about how black holes just don't work that way - but frankly I don't care. It worked for me in Donnie Darko and it's working for me now. There's no other way to restart a series and maintain room for a creative storyline. Otherwise all the bigger geeks would ruin what is going to happen and then I'd be pissed. Now I can enjoy the sequels they do (what what rumor has it that the cast is signed for at least two!) without knowing what's going to happen.

This movie was visually appealing. I'm not really sure what that big canyon is doing in Iowa, but hey it looked really good so I'll take it. The space ships, the buildings, ice caves, everything just looked impressive.

I thought the acting was really good. Pine managed to have a little Shatner in his performance but didn't go over to cheesy - all I can picture now is the Shatner from the Family Guy episodes hopping all over the place. The secondary characters were all pretty good too. Though, I have to wonder why all of the kids snuck into these big jobs and the other senior officers just shuffled away. Especially with the dude Uhura replaced. He didn't even say anything - he was just like oh yeah I can't speak Romulan, peace out guys. But whatevs.

What was Winona Ryder doing in this movie? I saw her face and just what the hell?

Annnnnd can we talk about Spock? I didn't know that guy could kick so much ass. From the moment he stuck it to the man by rejecting the Vulcan something-something academy, I knew I was going to like him. I loved the dialogue between him and Kirk. And that scene where Uhura was all pissy about him not treating her like teacher's pet. Even though he's this big stoic guy with emotional repression issues, I think that the movie did a great job in balancing the human and Vulcan in him. I love, love that he's got the girl that Kirk's been eyeing up. And Quinto looked like he could be related to Nemoy. Freaky. As I said on twitter, I would get all makey-outy on this Spock. Contrary to my dating record, smart guys are pretty high up on my hot list.

The bad guy in this movie seemed almost like an afterthought though. I mean he's there, destroying planets and what-not, but I'm more interested in Spock kicking Kirk's ass. I think for me it was because Nero wasn't that distinguishable from the other Romulans on his ship. At least not to me. It was hard to tell sometimes who the main bad dude was. Although, to be fair, face tattoos.

I'm not even going to try to hide how much of the dork that I am about this movie. I'm seeing this one again, at least one more time. Hopefully at the Imax this week. And I may have loudly claimed that I'm buying the d.v.d. as soon as it comes out.

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