Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Highlights

My best friend came to see me. She stayed all weekend and we had a great time. Here are some sweet highlights!

  • Girl's night: four of us sat around eating everything in sight and drank a few bottles of wine. We then watched Pride and Prejudice; there was much swooning.
  • Liz and I went to the gym for about three hours on Saturday. We worked out then went swimming. Hot tub and steam room. mmmmm.
  • We then ate half a thing of french onion dip and chips.
  • Another high school friend came to see me! I like her!
  • Lots of friends came out to diner with me.
  • We went to my fave bar and I went from 0 to drunk in about 3 min.
  • Some guys tried to pick us up over a shared love of Poweraide.
  • I laid down on my neighbors yard.
  • Awesome Sunday breakfast followed by Sunday shopping.

One bad thing about diner was that the wait staff was horrible. I called a week prior for a table of 14. They said no problem. I talked to them that day to confirm that everything was fine. They said no problem. We get there and they had two tables of six. We had to sit seperately and squish. The waitress poured water in my soda and was so flightly and weird that it was hard to enjoy the meal. Luckily there was booze and good people.

I spent my acutal birthday at my mom's. Rachel was adorable; she kept saying happy birthday and telling me that we were going to have cake. Mom and I went shopping, then dad took Mikey and I to go buy some books. We had my fav pot roast for diner. Rachel gave me a picture she drew that I love. And my mom got me some cute jeans and Twilight on dvd. I made her watch half of it and I about died giggling. When I went to leave it was raining so hard that I got drenched just bringing my laundry to the car. But I made it home safe!

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