Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hey brother

Ok so I just now realized that yesterday, when I was talking to my oldest younger brother, he willinging and without provocation started telling me about a girl he was going to go see this weekend. One that he's dated before. And my response was pretty much "oh, cool." Now I wonder if I should have asked him anything more about it or said anything. I mean, he never talks about girls. We all are just waiting for him to walk in someday with a wife and kids. We're not big on talking about relationships in my family. I mean, when my wedding got called off I think Jeffy and my mom were the only ones to talk to me about it (too be fair I wasn't really looking to talk about it).

I'm sure I'm over-thinking this whole thing with my brother. I liked that he mentioned it though. I never got to meet the girl but I hear good things about her.

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