Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the Hangover


I actually wanted to go see Wolverine last weekend but the brothers nixed the idea and we went to go see the Hangover instead.

I had some pretty low expectations for this movie, but was pleasantly surprised. It was really funny. Although I kind of felt like I was watching what's going to happen should my brother Jeff ever plan a bachelor party.

More than anything this movie made me miss Las Vegas. Next time I go I am tearing it up.

Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are great. I love Zach from his stand up and this man-child role was perfect for him. And Ed Helms singing is always a treat. His character isn't too far off from Andy Bernard either. Bradley Cooper had his moments too. Not enough shirtless moments though.

Fun fact: Helms wakes up and realizes that he's missing a tooth and I could totally relate! I didn't loose a tooth but one day I woke up and found that I had chipped my front tooth the night before (on a juice box mom) even though my friend had convinced me that my tooth was fine. I had it fixed but it still feels a little funny.

This movie just looks good. The music was perfect and the shots were great. Go see this if you like laughing without thinking too much.

Words of wisdom from my brother: "I feel wrong going to this movie without being hungover myself. Or at least being a little drunk."

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