Friday, July 17, 2009

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Oh lord.

I of course went to the midnight show of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. This was my favorite book so I was super excited to see everything on the big screen. I was less excited to hang out with twelve year old fan girls and guys shrieking in the theatre for over an hour before the movie started. My friends and I kept our cool. We sat there in our matching Harry Potter shirts and played HP themed hangman. Some ladies who worked at the theatre were tossing out candy if you answered their triva questions correctly. I tried to refrain from answering but couldn't help myself. Free candy and showing up the 12 yr olds - worth being a total dork for.

hey I'm going to spoil things for you if you haven't seen it so there

I loved this moive more than I thought I would. Hands down, my favorite movie so far. This one isn't as action heavy as some of the others; there's nothing like the ministry showdown from OOP. Most of the focus is on the teenage relationshippy drama, but the movie does a good job of combining that with the attacks from the death eaters, Dumbledore teaching Harry, and Draco's super angst.

So firstly, the teen drama. Harry suddenly realizes that hey Ginny's a girl but she's dating Dean and the two of them are all makey outy in front of everyone. No explosion from Ron about it though. Ron and Hermione are super akward and adorable but Lavender Brown wrangles him away from Hermione. The girl who plays Lavender was amazing. Seriously she committed to that role and I could not help but crack up every time she was on screen.

I was actually really impressed with the acting in the movie. The kids are growing up and getting so much better. Ron was the stand out for me. I mean, he usually gets short-changed in the movies but I think he made the most of every scene he was in. When he was under the love potion I about peed my pants. He was perfect! So funny and goofy and again he just committed to the part. No hiding that he is my favorite and I love him. Hermione had her moments too - I hardly noticed her eyebrows waggling at all.

Harry was a little stiff as usual, which is too bad. But after taking the Felix Felicitus (or however you spell that) he was hilarious. Pinchers! He managed to make me crack up just by saying "Hi." My favorite Harry moment was when he touched Slytherin's ring (although Dumbledore never tells him it was Slytherin nor connected Voldemort to Slytherin - ACK). Harry gets a flash of images and when he comes out of it he does that creepy neck twitch that he does when he's tapping into that connection with Voldemort.

The extra scene of the Burrow burning down was prety cool, even if Harry totally should have been killed then. Who runs out into the cornfield after Bellatrix LeStrange? Not me man. But it gave them the chance to show how unsafe everywhere is but Hogwarts.

Bellatix is pretty much made of awesome. Helana knows what she's doing. I loved her dancing on the tables in the great hall, smashing everything in reach. I was dissapointed that we didn't get to see the Carrows, even though I'm really sure I saw promos of their WANTED posters. Hopefully they're on a deleted scene or something.

The cave scene was great. Kept me on the edge of my seat, mumbling to Harry not to touch that freaking water. And everyone in the theatre jumped and shrieked when that hand reached out and grabbed him. The inferni were so creepy. They cut that great line after that scene though, where Dumbledore tells Harry that he isn't afraid because Harry is there.

The tower scene was really changed from the book, but I was ok with it. Although, to be fair, you just cannot apperate in Hogwarts, I don't care if you are Dumbledore. Harry isn't frozen in place and all the other deatheaters join in to watch Draco kill Dumbledore. I think it was easier to feel for Draco in the movie than in the book. In the book he was really whiney and in the movie he was more depressed and desperate. Harry's about to jump in when Snape comes in and tells Harry to be quiet. This moment is why I'm ok with the change. Because Harry makes an instant choice to trust Snape. Which makes Snape killing Dumbledore all the worse.

Uhhhhhh Snape. I wish that they had given him more lines at the end when Harry's calling him a coward. I also kind of wish Snape had been a little angrier at Harry. But I'll deal. And why didn't Harry freak the shit out when Snape is announced as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? There really isn't any Harry/Snape direct conflict in the movie which is super sad.

This moive is hella long - 2.5 hours - but they still had to cut a lot from the book. I was dissapointed that we only got TWO memories of Tom Riddle. I'm pretty sure they should have at least put the one with the cup in, because we don't get the sense that Riddle liked to make his horcurxes out of historically significant magical items nor do we see the cup. I wonder how they're going to have the trio learn about this in the seventh movie. The other change that bothered me was the whole Harry/Ginny kiss/relationship. More like lack of relationship and single peck in the room of requirement. It was nice to see Harry happy with her in the book for awhile.

And of course there isn't a funeral for Dumbledore. Nada. Harry does pick up Dumbledore's wand at the end (it's just sitting on his desk? really?) but there's no song from Fawkes or Harry procliaming that he's Dumbledore's man through and through. Sigh. The ending is actually a let down, but I was so excited from everything else that I didn't care. That might change next time through.

Needless to say, I'm seeing this movie again. I'm going on Sunday to see it with my little brother and my mom and I think I'm going again after that with friends. Oh and if you're interested, I blogged about the book at my other journal: girlreads. Here is the link to that entry: HP Baby

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