Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Links I like

I've had a couple of low-key days and have just been trucking along with work and getting organized, so I thought I would share some of my favorite things on the internet at the moment.

The Maria Bamford Show! Seriously Maria is one of my favorite comedians and this reenactment of her breakdown stay at home with her parents was wonderful to watch. It also has me jonesing for a diet coke and the great state of Minnesota. And a fat pug.

Watch this one and then try not to watch them all.

D.I. Y. Projects - specifically this one

Wine Cork Bathmat
 I have a large collection of wine corks that I have toted around with me through several moves for some reason and decided to go ahead and make this one. CrafttyNest has a walk-through of it and I'm working on it! So far I have just been working on cutting all of my corks in half and getting rid of the non-cork corks and  broken ones. Here is my progress:

I'm really looking forward to getting this together.

Kate Beaton, of Hark, a Vagrant is amazing and wonderful and I could spend hours and hours (and maybe have spent hours and hours) reading and laughing and getting inspired. Her comics are not only hilarious but smart and you should look her up and buy a t-shirt of hers while you are at it. I did. After all, you put the Brontes on a t-shirt and I am all over that like Bronte heroines on broody men.

Bronte Garden Party

Also I am finally caught up on True Blood Season Three and cannot wait to watch the season four opening episode tonight (late I know) with the man. I was way into the books for awhile, so much so that I drove to a 24 hour grocery store at 2 am to get the fourth book because I COULD NOT WAIT. I love the difference that are in the TV show, especially anything with Eric Northman. SWOON.

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