Friday, September 9, 2011

sniffle sniffle

Hey everyone, sorry I have been lax in my posting, but the changing weather has given me a horrible head cold. Colds turn me into a giant baby so I have been loafing on the couch, surrounded by used up tissues and pouting at Geoff to bring me more hot tea. What makes you feel better when you have a cold?

Here are my go-to cold survival tips:
  1. Don't fight it, just carry that roll of toilet paper around with you because you know you are going to need it and the thought of scurrying to the bathroom over and over is not appealing.
  2. Clothing is key. Sweatpants, ratty t-shirt and some sweater that you can pull off and on at a moment's notice. Also giant woolly socks.
  3. Hot Tea. My favorites are Good Earth original and Traditional Medicine's Throat Coat. 
  4. The couch - something about being sick means that I need to be in the living room on the sofa wrapped in a quilt or two. 
  5. A good book, or alternately, bad tv.

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