Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend recap

Did everyone have a good weekend? I did, even though it was a bit stressful.  I don't have many pics from this weekend, but here is a bullet list of my highlights:
  • Babysitting Little Sister on Sunday night, which included playing dolls yet her and I being boys, reading books about dogs and watching videos of funny cats on youtube.
  • Waking up to Little Sister telling me she loves me and could she watch Netflix now please.
  • Hanging out with my Gram on Monday
  • Portillos lunch with Gram
  • Fabric shopping for the backing of my first quilt - we found something that seems perfect and snatched it up.
  • I took Gram to go see the Help and was surprised by how much I liked it
  • My mom gave me some clothes that I had forgotten about
As far as the Help goes, I was apprehensive about it because of the whole idea that a white girl needs to save these black women from the situation they were in. But, I found the best parts of the movie had nothing to do with Eugenia, Emma Stone. There is some powerful acting and great scenes and I think it was worth a watch. It also had two perfectly cast characters from True Blood in it that made me happy. My Gram loved it, and the theatre was packed for a third week out movie showing in the afternoon. And afterwards almost everyone clapped, which I have not seen outside of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.

I am back home now and getting set to go back to work today. The weather is beautiful and I'm ready to tackle another week. I'm hoping to make a little progress with my quilt this week so hopefully I will have some pictures for you.

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