Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blue-haired cat lady

My hair color changes on a monthly basis and I dyed it today on my big day off.

My hair before starting. I had used a brand called Splatt and was unimpressed. The color faded very quickly (and I use cold water and special shampoo) and I just wanted something brighter and better. After looking around at some online suggestions (for the best hair dye advice, please see thedaintysquid) I bought some Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise.  

I had some bleach on hand and got to work! After a bit of sitting around drinking some coffee and leveling up my chocobos on FFVII, my hair looked like this:

I love that little pink in there! Filing that away for next time... But then I thew some dye on and got some gardening done.

We put our basil plant in my stormtrooper mug and set it out in the back. Taft loves jumping out and just rubbing his face on the concrete. I love this picture of him!

Look at those crazy eyes! As per daintysquid, I left the hair dye in for a loooong time. About four hours. My hair feels fine afterwards and I am thrilled with the results! What do you think?

In closing, here is one last photo of my pretty boy. Geoff and I are looking at adopting another cat because I think we both got bit by the cat-lady virus. I cannot wait to have another little dude.

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