Monday, July 18, 2011

Rachel hits the town

Yesterday a big chunk of my family came up to visit us and we took Rachel to the Madison Children's Museum. It was such an amazing place, way cooler than the educational kid museums in Rockford. Everything was beautiful, artsy, light, and just fun.

This cute little bench was just hanging out in the elevator. Rachel had a blast. She is very sensitive to sounds and got a little overwhelmed when babies were crying, but she loved it. She set up house in a little hut with fabric foods and a fake fire, she really loved this water exhibit they had and painted on windows in the art room.

She seemed to have just as much fun scraping the paint off of the windows too. My favorite was the rooftop exhibit, even though it was 95 degrees out. They had so many plants and a great view of the Capitol and there were critters up there. And I got to see Geoff hula-hoop.

Ryan looks impressed. We met a chicken named Roberta and Rachel and I got to pet her! She was so sweet and then there were also baby chickens which made me pout at Geoff that I wanted a big flock of them someday.

Basically this place is amazing and if you have kids of any age and are around Madison, you should go. My 14 year old brother had just as much fun as my 8 year old sister and I will admit that I even climbed up on some things and went down a slide that I am probably too big for. But it was great.My mom was super impressed and I can safely say that we will be going here a lot in the future.

The heat was super gross, but we walked down State Street afterwards and had a little dinner somewhere (I forgot the name and the food was iffy anyway). After a mishap with someone running back to get the car and pick everyone up, we trucked off to Trader Joes so my mom could stock up on some gluten free items and I could stock up on two-buck-chuck.

Leaving my sister is always difficult, and she wanted to move right in with Geoff, Taft, and I. But luckily we are coming down tomorrow so we'll see he soon. I love living so close to her and being able to see her twice in one week as opposed to twice in six months when we lived in Ohio. I am super pumped about going down tomorrow because my brother Mikey and I (and Geoff) are finally going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II. My dad called me yesterday and asked if I would go with Mikey if my dad paid for me because he doesn't think he can sit through it. I think I will be able to handle it.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend with family! Your sister is so adorable. And speaking from experience, hula-hooping is a skill. ;)