Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Love

I just wanted to post some of the things on the internet that are making me swoon.

1. This beautiful scarf/neckerchief by Olivia Mew. I am in love with Star Wars and adore this droid scarf. I think I might have to pull the trigger and buy this one. What do you think?

2. Going along with my deep love of deep space, I stumbled on this How-To project that is going on my project list. This is from Etsy's How-Tuesday series, this one is called Planetary Plates:

In real life these are the things making me smile today
  • My brother, Ryan, is moving in today and starts his first day of work tomorrow
  • Because of that, Geoff and I cleaned the house and it is looking pretty good
  • We went to Trader Joe's and got the best chocolate bar I have ever tried
  • I'm going to make an amazing stir fry in a bit 
  • Rachel is coming over to visit soon
  • We got Lego Star Wars, the Clone Wars video game and it might be my favorite Lego video game yet
  • I think I need to watch some Game of Thrones tonight
  • I spent a good chunk of this afternoon with a pile of books, a hot bath, and a cold beer. 
What is made you happy this weekend? Ready for August?

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