Tuesday, July 5, 2011

peachy keen

Today I had one goal. To make blackberry peach pie from Sunshine and Carousels. I made the pie crust dough the other day and got all geared up to make something delicious.

Fun fact: I do not own a rolling pin and instead used an empty wine bottle that I had cleaned and soaked the label off of. It worked super great and saved me a trip to the store.

Before the oven

After baking:

It was very tasty and nice and fruity. One that I will for sure be making again. I really enjoy cooking and baking and can't wait to try my hand at other pies! What are your favorite summer time treats?

In other news, I finally finished all of my portraits and have them ready to go out in the mail. Except for Geoff's, which is already on our walls. I might have to have an entire wall of portraits of him, Richie Tennenbaum style.

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