Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am not a weekend warrior

As stated earlier, I've been feeling a little gross this weekend. I've got a headache I cannot shake and I am really loathe to lay down and rest. But there are some good things about my weekend too. Such as:

I have two of thirteen rows of my triangle quilt-top done! I'm hoping to have this one set to go by the time I see my gram next when we are planning on going over the next steps in turning these suckers into actual quilts. I want to note that while I do have a sewing machine ( Bernice!), I have been doing all of my quilt piecing by hand. And god help me, I think we are going to do the actual quilting by hand just like my gram did back in the day (last Tuesdayish). But I am going to fire up Bernice to work on a couple of projects this summer, including a Batman costume for my cat.

We stopped by the local Half-Priced Books in an effort to get me moving around and maybe knock my headache out. I love that the women's bathroom is wallpapered with the covers of old pulp novels. Adorable! Looking at this photo makes me realize that my hair is fading and I'm not sure I was as much in love with the blue as I was the purple:

And so next week I think I'm going to get a trim and then dye it again.  Not sure what color yet, but it will be awesome.

And finally, Geoff busted out his ukulele to serenade me with such hits as "Dancing Queen", "MmmBop" and my fave, "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard." He's pretty great. When we were in different states he would often send me songs he had recorded for me and they would make me swoon every time. Even after living together it still has the same effect.

Anything exciting happen for you guys? Hope no one blew any fingers off with fireworks!

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