Thursday, July 7, 2011

Critters around the apartment

Just wanted to do a little fun post about a few of the critters that dwell in my place.  Hope you enjoy!


Bartlybee is the little owl that perches atop of my favorite bookcase with his monster friend Maurice. Bartlybee was given to me for my birthday this past year by my youngest brother. He painted it all white himself. Maurice is a little sock critter a friend made for me that used to be my cat Jack's plaything. I found him in a box a bit ago and Taft did not seem that into him, so Maurice has retired to a quiet life of judging me for not reading all of the books in the bookcase.


These two chickens are some of the few last remaining pieces of my once glorious chicken collection. In high school I got the nickname chicken for telling tall-tales that often involved fowl. My favorite was telling my mom that a man brought a chicken into ShopKo in order to find baby clothes for it. The chicken bowl my dad found for me at a garage sale and the tall majestic rooster is from (I think) my dad's travels to Norway. It is actually a whistle - you blow out of the chicken's tail which is rather interesting. 


Inside my fancy book case is the home of my girl, Nancy Pearl. She is one hell of a librarian (and author of all of those Book Lust books) and was given to me by my sweet friend Megan on Christmas. I did a brief stint in library school and loved learning about some really great radical librarians.

And of course, Lando. Despite his proximity to Geoff's shaving accouterments, Lando has been with me for the past um forever. He used to have a more prominent place, but he has been treated unfairly.

I have many more little buddies around the place that make me feel more at home and give me something to smile about. I'll have to do a follow up piece with more of them. Until next time!

P.S. My favorite word ever is hidden in the blog post. Anyone want to guess what it is?



    Love you teen girl. :)

  2. haha that was my guess, Megan!

    Or "ShopKo" ;)

  3. Ding-Ding-Ding! Accoutrements is the best word ever.